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My Wife Is a Dancer

Posted on 1/3/2013 by Scott Whitsitt in Personal Stories

My wife is a dancer, which is quite different from saying she likes to dance. Dancing is in her blood and really defines who she is as a person. She grew up in Eastern Europe where dance has much deeper roots than here in the US. When she went to school as a child, it was common for both boys and girls to dance at school and ballroom dancing was quite popular. She practiced very hard and competed successfully as a Tango dancer. The only dancing I remember growing up as a child in the U.S. was square dancing. Certainly no ballroom dancing was happening in the Unit 4 school district that I recall :)

The opportunities for competitive dance in Central IL are pretty slim, so it was fortunate that she found belly dancing some years ago. It has really given her an opportunity to express herself and share who she is.  There have been many great dancers that were part of Gypsy Hips over the years, and the choreography and dance routines they've developed seems to reflect a little bit from each of them. And the Gypsy Hips approach, sort of a band of gypsies that come and go, is also quite appropriate for her..

You see, Oksana must have a little gypsy blood in her because she's traveled far and wide since being born in a Soviet Union military base. much like a nomadic gypsy. Her father was a fighter pilot in the Soviet Air Force and when she was three they moved from Sakhalin (near Japan) nearly 10,000 Km to Daugavpils, Latvia. When Latvia gained independence from the Soviet Union, she was not granted citizenship because she was not born in Latvia. Some 20 years later, she naturalized be become a Latvian citizen. Then she met, me and moved another 10,000 Km to the U.S. Just like a true gypsy.

Her passion for dance (which is also obvious with the other Gypsy Hips dancers) is contagious, and its one of the reasons why Gypsy Hips are so popular at parties. I witnessed this myself just the other night at our New Year's Eve party. Her friends made her put on a costume and dance (not a lot of arm twisting required), and afterwards everyone just wanted to dance all night.

So, this is not just someone that likes to dance. This is a dancer.