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Shake Your Tail Fundraiser was Pawsitively Excellent

Posted on 4/19/2013 by Mara Thacker in Shake Your Tail performance fundraiser

Sorry guys (and gals), I can't resist a cheesy pun. But it's true-- the Shake Your Tail Fundraiser for the Champaign County Humane Society was pawsitively excellent indeed!

I love dogs every bit as much as I love dancing (in fact I am a regular volunteer at CCHS) so this fundraiser really meant a lot to me. My hope for the event was that we would raise some money for a very important organization in our community and also get to ham it up in front of a crowd. My expectations were modest both in terms of crowd and money. I mean I know we can put on an awesome show, but this whole thing was born out of one of our members impulsively asking the owner of the Iron Post, Paul, if we could do a show there one day. And then he said yes.

If we haven't made this perfectly clear, a huge thank you to Paul for allowing a gaggle of belly dancers to take over his establishment for an afternoon.

Anyway, I won't lie as the event drew closer and we started making more and more elaborate plans, things got a little bit stressful. As a group we were trying to coordinate a larger-than-anticipated group of dancers, we needed to find time to rehearse our group numbers, we needed to market the event, there was confusion over the donation required-- I could go on. And for my own part I had to prepare two solos and was getting ready to travel to a conference for my day job. It was a lot.

But then I was on stage, dancing with my sisters, feeling the joy and exhilaration of performance. And then I was in the audience loudly cheering for the gypsies and friends. And then, finally, I got to hand over an envelope containing $485 in cash to one of my favorite organizations. Yeah, it was worth every single second.